NIST trying to win back crypto-cred after NSA sabotage

NIST wanting to win back crypto-cred after NSA sabotage – Boing Boing
As part of what it really characterizes like a “rigorous” overview of its cryptographic guidance development, NIST says it’s heading to investigate its objectives and also objectives; principles regarding operation; processes for identifying cryptographic algorithms with regard to standardization; strategies with regard to reviewing and also resolving public comments; along together with other crucial procedures.

“Once complete, we are usually heading to invite public remark upon this process,” the statement says. “We in addition will generate an independent organization in order to perform the formal review in our standards development approach and in addition to suggest improvements. Based about the public feedback as well as impartial review, we are usually going to update our method as required to make certain it meets our objectives pertaining to openness as well as transparency, and leads to the the majority of secure, trustworthy guidance practicable.”

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